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Practical Estimation: A Pocket Guide to Making Dependable Project Schedules

This pocket guide details the Team Estimation Method, a general-purpose, quick and simple way to estimate work effort.

Although the estimation technique described here is not specific to any one industry, it was created by author Steve Bockman in 2007 as a result of his dissatisfaction with existing estimation techniques experienced over decades of working in the field of software development.

Practical Estimation contains the information you need for creating reliable project schedules in a very short time, with a minimum of fuss.


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Predictability: A simple approach to creating reliable project schedules

This business novel tells the story of Bud Sanders, a newly-hired manager at FiscalWare, as he strives to remove the uncertainties and confusion surrounding the project schedule for the company’s latest product.

Follow Bud as he discovers valuable tools and techniques for answering key questions:

Is the project behind schedule?

If so, by how much?

Can anything be done to get it back on track?