About our workshops

Agile Unlimited delivers private workshops, each of which is customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. A given workshop can address one or more areas of interest. (Click the links to the left to learn more about them.)

Our workshops are highly interactive and involve a great deal of participation from attendees. You won't find us reciting the bullet points from a slide deck—instead, you'll take part in hands-on exercises and simulations designed to transfer knowledge from us to you in a manner that helps the learning stick.

Non-disruptive scheduling

Depending on your areas of interest, a workshop can last anywhere from 4 hours to several days. Because it is sometimes unfeasible to have your entire development team away from their work for days at a time, we offer a way for you to schedule training in as non-disruptive a fashion as possible.

Any workshop that contains one or more days' worth of material can be delivered in sessions of as little as 4 hours each, and distributed in such a way as to make it convenient for you. For example, a workshop that would ordinarily be delivered in two consecutive days can be broken down and delivered in four 4-hour sessions on four separate days. And those sessions can even be delivered across four consecutive weeks, rather than on consecutive days.

Flexible workshop planning

We work with you to arrive at a workshop curriculum to suit your needs. But, as is also the case in the world of Agile development, it's not always possible to know ahead of time which areas of interest you'll want to explore. You may not even know what you want to learn next until you've actually experienced some training.

Because of that, we are geared to deliver workshops the Agile way—incrementally and iteratively. You can, for example, schedule a 4-hour session to start, then decide afterwards if you want to schedule more training sessions covering other areas of interest.

Start your workshop planning today. Contact us if you'd like to talk about a workshop for your organization.