Estimating work effort, effortlessly

There are two main reasons for a development team to estimate work effort: (1) To determine how much work they can commit to doing in a particular iteration, and (2) to provide information for predicting project schedules.

Most development teams are occasionally asked to estimate how long a particular feature or project is going to take to develop. The traditional technique for providing estimates (i.e. decomposing the work into small tasks and summing their estimates) requires fairly detailed analysis, and can be very time-consuming.

Add to that the fact that people aren't generally good at estimating in absolute time, and traditional estimation may not be worth the time spent on it.

Team Estimation is a technique for estimating project work that leverages the knowledge and unique abilities of all the members of your development team. Faster and more effective than other agile estimating techniques such as "planning poker," Team Estimation provides a mechanism for estimating work of all sizes, from huge "epics" all the way down to the smallest backlog item.

A workshop covering estimating work effort will contain exercises and interactive discussions illustrating the following points: