Iterative release planning

Unless your product is very small and is going to be developed and released all in one shot, you'll probably want to give some thought to the idea of delivering its functionality in multiple releases.

And while it's possible to theorize up-front about what functionality you'll want in each release, it's likely that unforeseen events will throw off your beautiful plan just as soon as development is underway.

Release planning is a process of continually adjusting to the realities of your development environment. Features often take longer to develop than was originally thought. Customers think of new features after they see what you have developed. Some features, originally thought to be valuable, turn out to be unpopular with users.

What is needed is a low-overhead method for continually re-assessing what features you want to develop, along with reliable estimates of how long development of each will take.

A workshop covering release planning will contain exercises and interactive discussions illustrating the following points: