Essential Scrum basics

Scrum is a framework for implementing what is known as empirical process control. Scrum leverages the foundational principles of transparency, inspection and adaptation to provide a mechanism for observing and making changes in your existing work process in order to improve it over time.

Scrum is arguably the most popular and well-known set of Agile practices. Companies large and small have been adopting Scrum in their development organizations for years.

Many books have been written about Scrum, and information about it is readily available on the Internet. In fact, so much information is available that it can be difficult to distill it down to the essentials that your team needs to know in order to become more productive.

A Scrum workshop by Agile Unlimited is an excellent way to get all of your team members on the same page, and to provide them with a shared understanding of Scrum principles, terminology and practices.

A workshop covering Scrum basics can contain discussions, exercises and simulations on a number of topics, including: