Tracking work progress
on multiple levels

In any but the simplest of projects, you'll want to be able to make others aware of what work has been done, what work is being done, and what work is still to be done.

Tracking work progress can be done at multiple levels, from the highest, program level all the way down to the level of the individual task. Different people are interested in tracking work at different levels, so it's important to know why you're tracking work progress, and for whom.

Process boards and task boards can be handy for visualizing workflow. The decision to use a process board or a task board depends upon both the nature of the work you're tracking and the level at which you want to track it.

Burndown charts can be used to visualize how much work remains to be completed. Multiple burndown charts can be used to track work at multiple levels.

A workshop covering tracking work progress will contain exercises and interactive discussions illustrating the following points: